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Sourcing Materials

Borage oil is just one of the raw materials which Peter Clough can sourcePeter Clough has many years of experience in identifying and sourcing suitable raw materials for nutritional and pharmaceutical products, particularly those derived from marine oil or speciality oilseeds. He is therefore well placed to advise clients on how to identify and optimise the opportunities to be derived from these raw materials. His particular experience includes:

  • Negotiated growing contracts for large scale speciality oilseed crops in UK, New Zealand, USA, defined seed quality specifications, supervised production and supply chain from farm to processing facility

  • Managed contracted breeding programme by third party plant breeding company for improvement of agronomic traits in speciality oilseed crop (borage)

  • Identified suitable large and small scale producers of fish oils and fish oil concentrates, agreed raw material quality specifications and testing requirements, negotiated optimal pricing and supply contracts.

  • Ensured quality, traceability and specifications of raw materials suitable for applications in infant formula, nutritional supplements and pharmaceutical applications and clinical trials.

  • Projected managed the design, construction and commissioning of a speciality oilseed extraction plant in the UK building in efficiency flexibility and potential for multiple solvent use.

  • In depth knowledge of processing requirements and parameters, for the extraction and refining of high value nutritional oils.

A typical extraction plant for specialist oils such as borage and evening primrose