Cobden Research - Consultants on omega fatty acids for human nutrition COBDEN RESEARCH LIMITED
Leading authority on the production and use
of essential fatty acids in human nutrition


Director, Cobden Research Ltd. (2013 - Present)

Formed Cobden Research Ltd, a consultancy company offering advice and services to companies and institutions operating in the nutritional lipids sector.

Major projects to date include:

  • Formulating and managing supply of clinical trial test materials for a European pharmaceutical company.
  • Protocol formulation and management of a clinical trial (skin health) on behalf of a US biotechnology company undertaken in the UK by a contract research organisation.
  • Supervising the design and implementation of an accredited Quality Management System for a UK oral health products company.
  • Developing processing procedures, specifications and quality management system for high value refined DHA-rich algal oil.
  • Evaluation market potential high value nutritional feed ingredients for UK salmon farming industry.

Peter Clough has a wealth of experience in the nutirional use of omega oils Technical and Research Director, Wassen/Efamol Ltd. (2003 - 2013)

In 2003, together with two partners Peter was able to put together an acquisition bid for the Efamol business, probably the global brand leader in essential fatty acid based supplements. In 2006 this business merged with Wassen International Ltd. and Peter was appointed Technical Director of the Wassen/Efamol group. Efamol Ltd produce and market a range of scientifically-based fatty acid nutritional supplements.

Primary responsibilities included:

  • all technical aspects of product quality and new product development, including defining product formulations and specifying raw material requirements
  • QC specifications, method development and testing procedures, liaison with contract laboratories for stability and QC testing.
  • ensuring product development and marketing materials reflect the latest scientific opinion in the field
  • maintaining contacts with the international research community in the field of fatty acid research
  • managing a portfolio of contracted clinical trials with international research institutes using Omega-3 fatty acids as nutritional supplements. Including among others:
    • UK - learning disorders in school age children
    • UK - cognitive decline and frailty in middle aged and elderly
    • Germany - skin physical properties, oral and topical application
    • Australia - maternal supplementation, mother and infant outcome
    • New Zealand - cognitive performance in healthy young adults
    • Singapore - behaviour in children with learning and behaviour disorders
  • presentation of scientific findings and product rationale internationally to consumers, scientific and healthcare professionals

Technical Director, Bioriginal Europe (1998-2003)

Peter Clough has a wealth of experience in the nutirional use of omega oilsTechnical Director of a speciality vegetable and fish oil producer supplying primarily the pharmaceutical and health food industry with a range of oils containing nutritionally desirable components, particularly fatty acids. During his time there, Peter helped it grow to become the largest producer of GLA oils (as raw materials) in the world with crop and oil production facilities in three continents.

Responsibilities included:

  • all aspects of quality control, technical specifications, process parameters and conditions
  • expanding the customer and application base for existing products - vegatable oils (Evening Primrose and Borage) containing Gamma Linolenic Acid and fish oils rich in Omega-3 fatty acids
  • identifying and developing new minor oils with specific health/nutritional benefits
  • liaising with customers R&D and Product Development departments in the introduction, evaluation and development of new oil based nutritional products.
  • Project management of the design and construction of a new purpose built speciality oilseed extraction plant (press and solvent extraction).

Development Manager, Karlshamns Ltd (1995 - 1998)

Member of Management Team at Karlshamns Ltd, a speciality oils and fats refiner and subsidiary of Karlshamns AB of Sweden. Major operational function was to provide technical support in the form of new product development, product improvement, problem solving and applications advice to UK food industry in particular infant formulae, chocolate and confectionery, and fat spreads sectors.

Primary responsibility was to create business development opportunities via:

  • development of new products within existing customer base
  • identification of new applications based upon existing core skills and products
  • evaluation of possible joint venture/acquisition opportunities

Commercial Manager, Hoffmann-La Roche AG(Based Switzerland) (1990 - 1995)

Appointed Commercial Manager, at Roche corporate headquarters following acquisition of Viponte Ltd. by the Vitamins Division of Hoffmann-La Roche.

As member of management team responsible for the global development of the Omega-3 and Omega-6 essential fatty acid business unit, major responsibilities included:

  • integration and development of existing production and sales systems for long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acid (LC-PUFA) products within Roche organisation.
  • development of 'Integrated Product Strategy' including business plan and marketing strategy for introduction by Roche of essential fatty acid derivatives as novel ingredients for the food, infant food and cosmetics industries.
  • undertaking implementation of above through liaison with marketing and product development departments of major European customers, primarily in the food sector, internal briefing and training of Roche marketing staff, preparation of market development support materials.
  • negotiating long term supply agreements with raw material producers in Europe and Far East

Director, Viponte Limited (1987- 1990)

Jointly founded Viponte Ltd. with two Co-Directors to produce, process and market high added value agricultural products, specifically plant and marine oils, and concentrates containing long chain fatty acids with specific medical/nutritional benefits.

Responsibilities (raw material supply and sales/marketing) included:

  • introduction of products to food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics customers and negotiation of sales contracts.
  • defining sales policy and pricing structure, costs of production and commercial margins.
  • establishing plant breeding programmes and contract production of specialist oil seeds in UK, USA, Holland, New Zealand.

Previous appointments (1979 - 1987)

Management positions with:

  • Hawaiian Agronomics Co. Ltd.
  • Geosource Inc.
  • Estate and Farm Surveys Ltd.