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About us

Peter Clough is an expert in speciality oils, their production and useCobden Research Ltd. was formed as an independent technical consultancy company in 2013 by Peter Clough to allow him to make his expertise in speciality oils such as fish oil, evening primrose oil and borage oil available to a wider audience of nutritional, healthfood and pharmaceutical companies.

Peter has a wealth of experience in the field of nutritional supplements (and in particular the omega-3 and omega-6 oils) obtained from over 30 years involvement covering all technical aspects of the business and he is considered to be a leading authority on the production and use of essential fatty acids in human nutrition.

Be it raw material supply, new product development, quality control, clinical trials, regulatory affairs or technical marketing, Peter Clough, acting as your consultant through Cobden Research, can offer informed, impartial advice, project management or detailed investigative reports.

Peter Clough's unrivalled links with the commercial sector, academia, and research institutions along with his in-depth knowledge of the omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids enables Cobden Research to access the expertise and market intelligence required to successfully meet a wide variety of client specific needs and requirements.

Latest news

ISSFAL 2016 (

Registration has now opened for the 2016 Biennial ISSFAL Congress, ( the hugely influential meeting for scientists involved in fatty acid research and applications. Apart from a packed programme of the latest scientific findings, the meeting will be held in the beautiful South African town of Stellenbosch, at the centre of the S African wine country.

Peter Clough in his role as secretary of ISSFAL is a member of the congress organising committee.

New appointment

Peter Clough has been appointed a Director of Bickiepegs Healthcare Ltd, an oral healthcare company based in Aberdeen Scotland. The company manufactures the famous Bickiepegs teething biscuit, the natural alternative to plastic teething rings, recommended by paediatricians and orthodontists and the unique slanted Doidy Cup specifically designed to help weaning infants move from bottle to cup. In a consulting capacity he will be assisting primarily in developing the company's quality systems and new product development activities.

Authentication of Borage Oil

As a result of harvest conditions and also changes in the production areas for the borage crop there has been a surplus of low-cost low-GLA borage oil entering the market. Concerns have been expressed about the possible undeclared adulteration of this material particularly with the new high GLA safflower oil that is now available to raise GLA levels. The analytical team at Mylnefield Research Services have investigated possible ways of identifying such adulteration using their extensive database of borage seed and oil analyses. The results of this investigation have recently been published in Lipid Technology:
Scrimgeour, C. & Clough, P. (2014) Authentication of Borage Oil.
Lipid Technology, 2014, 26 (10), 230-233


In another development Professor Bill Christie, also of Mylnefield Research services has set up a new website, the LipidHome which contains a wealth of information on lipids, their chemistry, biochemistry and analysis. For anyone with an interest in the field, this is an extremely useful source of information, the section on mass spectrometry being particularly comprehensive.

ISSFAL 2014 International Congress

July this year saw the 2014 biennial ISSFAL Conference held in Stockholm. The meeting was a great success with over 700 delegates present, a record for an ISSFAL meeting, from more than 50 different countries reflecting the continuously growing interest by the academic community in the field of fatty acids, health and disease. Approximately 45% of the attendees were academics actively involved in fatty acid research, with some 30% from industry. Highlights included new research from the fields of maternal and infant nutrition, psychiatry and neurosciences, and cardiovascular disease. For full details see the ISSFAL conference website.

Peter Clough was present at the meeting in his role of ISSFAL Secretary and as a member of the conference organising committee.

Commercialisation of high grade chicken fat

Cobden Research recently completed a preliminary evaluation of potential uses for a high grade chicken fat by-product on behalf of an multi national food ingredients company. The study investigated possible uses and customers in a variety of sectors including biodiesel, animal and human food, petfood and aquaculture. Quality requirements, likely achievable pricing, and potential demand volumes were identified.

Mylnefield advisory committee appointment

'Peter Clough of Cobden Research has been appointed to the Mylnefield Research Services (MRS) advisory committee. MRS provide a world-leading commercial analysis service and were able to announce at the same time that they have been formally approved for the analysis of lipids to GMP standard by the by the US Food and Drug Administration. For further details see the Mylnefield press release.